About Us

Xstrops Consulting is a management consulting firm
which is into business and people excellence.


Xstrops Consulting is a management consulting firm that serves leading businesses, multi-national companies, small and medium enterprises, NGO’s and start-ups. We partner with our client organization to deeply understand the issues, concerns and expectations and evolve customized solutions.We are passionate about achieving measurable, sustainable and agreed results.

What We Do?

We are a team of knowledgeable and experienced group from diverse backgrounds and experiences in the areas of Management Consulting, HR Advisory, Operational Excellence, Talent Assessment and Talent Development etc. We work with clients to make their business profitable, productive, efficient, effective and a positive brand. Our continuous engagement with the clients has been in their growth trajectory as well as in their talent management. Evolving robust systems, processes, policies and customer aligned initiatives are our strengths. We believe customer focused and employee engaged cultures are key to business success and we closely work with the clients to create value in these areas. Supporting the business plans, we assess, train, develop and coach talent for current and future business needs.

Why Us?

Xstrops Consulting Pvt Ltd is a 3-years Business Management consulting firm based in Mumbai, with a team of around 20 consulting professionals across the country. Our Consulting teams are subject matter experts partnering with businesses to offer:




Industry / Sector Project / Assignment Title Key Outcomes / Deliverables
Electric Bikes and Mobikes Organizational mentoring and Growth Business planning; organizing funds; Business and operational excellence; Sales, Marketing and Branding; strategy for growth; Mentoring and coaching of Leadership team.
Real Estate Competency Mapping, Competency assessment, Assessment Centre, Development centre. Competency Assessment/Mapping, Behavioral Event Interviews & drawing up development action plan for employees. The interviews conducted as a part of talent assessment facilitated in development, engagement, performance and relationship within functions and teams significantly.
Cable & Lubricants Leadership and Functional training. Trainings on Sales Productivity enhancement; Managerial Effectiveness Performance management programs were conducted for improving performance, productivity and team working. Valuable functional and attitudinal changes with productivity gains were achieved.
Autonomous Public-Private Partnership Organizational Review and Restructuring Optimization of Jobs and Functions; Manpower and Cost Reduction; Process and Performance Improvement
Engineering Machinery Quality Control & Inspection Optimization of processes Modified Job Specifications.Reduced field work failures by 95%. Reduction in Job rejection from 70% to 3%. Revamped operational methods.
Consumer Goods Industry
Automobile supplier
Process time management
Process review & restructuring
Implementation of 5s process. Reduced Process time at every unit stage. Enhanced productivity by 60%. Customer centric product & process designed. Creating standard operating procedures. Enhanced productivity by 30%.
Research Organization Manpower Attrition Application of 7 Habits.Improved employee relations. Reduction of manpower attrition from 10% to 2%.
Internet Service Provider
Power, Network, Support
Job Evaluation Study Balanced Score Card Design and Implementation
Labour Transfer. Reengineering processes.
Job Descriptions; Organization Structure; Career Framework; Pay Banding; Increase in productivity & revenue
Manpower transfer reduced from 14 days to 4 days.Placing 950 IT engineers and saving 9500 mandays of extra billing. 3,800,000 US$ Upside in revenue.
Telecom Customer Satisfaction/Customer Care. Redefining process of customer care function. Enhance performances with increase in 12 basis points. Complied 95% ERT cases. First call resolution increased by 80%.
Banking & Finance Sector Moments of truth to add value, offer courtesy & concern to customer
Strengthen Backend processes:-
Improvements in: Receipt of request; Receipt of Query; Receipt of Complaint; Acknowledgement & Communication of expected resolution time.
Time & Errors: Loan approval; Money Transfer; Draft; Account Opening time; Customer engagement plan & up sale; Data Analysis; Scheduling & monitoring of manpower; Design & Development of new products; CSMM process.
Water Treatment and Management
Pharmacy and Healthcare
Building an Integrated HR Function
Compensation and Rewards Variable Pay Plan Design
Job Classification; Compensation Structure; Pay Banding; Benefit Policies Framework; Systems and Process Audit; Statutory and Legal Compliances Scientific Management of Employee Compensation and Benefits Programs and Challenges for Effective Business and People Results Short Term Incentive Plan for Non Sales Organization
Diversified Business Group HR Metrics and Analytics Use of Workforce Analytics Techniques to Measure and Monitor Employee Life Cycle Processes in Organizations
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