Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is critical regardless of the size of the organisation. We help the client organisation to measure employee engagement and find out how enabled their people are, and then make the required changes. We effectively use employee feedback, survey results, exit interview reports, HR analytics to uncover the mystery of engagement to clients preferred culture.
Few of our interventions in the area of employee engagement are:

  • 1 - Track employee perception & experience on critical aspects shaping work experience and impacting engagement
  • 2 - Analyze the engagement data using analytics to find emerging strength and focus areas across businesses
  • 3 - Provide a basis for enabling improvements at a work-group level and furthering employee engagement
  • 4 - Create an enabling work environment that fosters engagement at an overall organizational and business unit level
  • 5 - Design effective reward strategies to build engagement and loyalty
  • 6 - Transformed leadership unlocks performance and creates motivating work climates

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity breeds innovation and innovation breeds business success. Diversity is critical to an organization's ability to adapt to a fast changing environment. It brings about a fresh and new outlook to perspectives, experiences, culture, gender and age. Companies with a diverse workforce perform better financially.
We also facilitate in nurturing the culture of diversity and inclusion by

  • 1 - Establish a D&I business-relevant shared vision
  • 2 - Align D&I initiative to the goals and objectives of your organization
  • 3 - Nurture the culture of inclusion and provide structures and systems to support D&I process
  • 4 - Create standards and measures to track diversity and inclusion progress

Employer Branding

We help organizations to become Employer of Choice and a Great place to work. Few of our interventions involve:

  • 1 - Analyze what the clients employee values in the employment relationship
  • 2 - Design an authentic and meaningful EVP by understanding the voice of employees
  • 3 - Communicate the EVP in a way that resonates with both existing and potential employees
  • 4 - Integrate the EVP as Business as Usual
  • 5 - Measure and Improve the EVP as a part of ongoing strategic cycle

Employee Engagement, Culture and Employer Branding

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