As organizations are faced with multiple people challenges we offer full suite of HR services, tailored and cost effective solutions committed to higher returns. It results in enhancement of HR capabilities and gainful utilization of client's HR team.
Few of our interventions involve

Employee Relations Advisory:

Our employee relations advisory services portfolio includes industrial and labor relations, employment law and management advisory services in dealing with trade unions. We will provide a service tailored to client needs. Some of the services that we offer in this area are:

  • 1 - Conflict Resolution Advice
  • 2 - Dealing with Trade Union
  • 3 - Show Cause, Charge Sheet, and Domestic Enquiry
  • 4 - Arbitration & Mediation
  • 5 - Litigation management

M&A and Business Integration Support

We help companies to improve their odds of successful M&A through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration. We bring our expertise to all elements of the M&A and help in:

  • 1 - creating synergy in the combined entity
  • 2 - culture amalgamation, communication & compatibility issues
  • 3 - competency mapping & job fitment
  • 4 - organizational structure, grading, designation & compensation
  • 5 - HR policies harmonization & best practices
  • 6 - cost optimization and consolidation
  • 7 - retention of key employees & managing post-merger attrition

Business Aligned HR Strategy

We work with clients to help identify / pick the winning HR strategies, talent plans and implement appropriate and customized interventions to ensure that the HR team builds performing organization, competent teams and engaged / motivated employees. We help the client in developing:

  • 1 - Recruitment and Resourcing Strategy
  • 2 - Learning and Development Strategy
  • 3 - Compensation and Benefit Strategy
  • 4 - Talent Management Strategy

Interim HR Management

Interim HR Management requires a great deal of experience, expertise, leadership as well as a strong determination to cope with a given situation. Occasionally, our clients need senior Human Resources management to support specific HR needs, or temporary gaps in their HR leadership. Xstrops interim management service offers organizations an effective solution to fulfilling both one-off projects, and interim assignments to fill management gaps within the HR function. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring skilled and high quality team members, as well as our ability to gain an understanding of your organizational needs and meet your requirements.
Part time CHRO can support in:

  • 1 - high level intervention combined with on ground execution capabilities to deliver results
  • 2 - design of HR strategy and coach /mentor the operation HR team to deliver
  • 3 - strategic HR advisor for the CEO /Board and key leadership team on HR issues
  • 4 - design interventions to improve workplace productivity and culture
  • 5 - review and strengthen Talent Strategy of the organization

Interim HR Management is the rapid delivery of experienced, hands-on HR executives for a defined period of time to enable organizations to implement change, fill unexpected gaps and restructure the organization for better business processes. This leads to a turnaround of under-performing projects or divisions and efficient delivery of critical projects.

Interim HR Management can thus, best be described as a short-term injection of relevant HR management skills, which in the long term add value to the organization.

Our Interim HR Services are a high level intervention combined with on ground execution capabilities to deliver results. It is aimed to build sustainable HR systems and capabilities in a business or an integration process.

People Advisory & Interim HR Services

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