Performance management is not just an annual performance review. It has become a continuous process of aligning objectives, evaluating progress and setting continuous coaching and development process to ensure that employees meet their career goals and objectives.
Performance Management Process as a whole can be broadly classified into the following stages:

  • 1 - Work Planning and setting expectations
  • 2 - Monitoring performance and growth
  • 3 - Working on improvement of the weak performance areas
  • 4 - Performance development & coaching
  • 5 - Rewarding & recognizing good performance
  • 6 - Providing talent assessment tools & solutions for competency mapping, assessment & development centers

We work with clients in the areas of talent management and implement appropriate and customized interventions to ensure that the HR team builds a performing organization, competent teams and motivated employees. We collaborate with our clients to:

  • 1 - Assess, develop and implement performance management systems (including a Balanced Scorecard) aligned with the company's strategic objectives.
  • 2 - Review and assess operations and organizational structure, policies and procedures, systems and job descriptions to redesign goals to the specific needs of company and improve employees' overall performance
  • 3 - Design KPI-tree cascading for each level of the company, in which the objectives are aligned from the top management downwards.
  • 4 - Provide 360 Degree Feedback to enhance individual performance effectiveness.
  • 5 - Provide periodic coaching and guidance during the period of delivery of performance
  • 6 - Identify the training and development requirements once the outcomes are measured against the set standards.
  • 7 - Design suitable compensation and reward systems to reward employees.
  • 8 - Build individual development plans (IDPs) to support current and potential performance.
  • 9 - Offer constructive and periodic feedback and also conduct appreciative enquiry sessions on performance
  • 10 - Identify areas of poor performance and create performance improvement plans (PIPs).

Productivity Enhancement

We enable competitive positioning and higher profitability with:

  • 1 - Appropriate organization designs to get results
  • 2 - Staffing levels, competency / skill levels & process automation
  • 3 - Best practices & benchmarks for cost reduction
  • 4 - Balance insource v/s outsource work
  • 5 - Culture of ownership & performance.

Productivity and Performance Enhancement

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